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A well-designed renovation is a cost-effective way to increase your usable floor space, and to improve the value of your home, both economically and as a place to live.

We listen to your every need.

To make the most of your investment, and to effectively plan your house renovation, experience and flair needs to be combined with detailed construction knowledge and fresh design ideas, and also a thorough understanding of your requirements.

Chen Sun Enterprises will discuss your house renovation requirements and ideas with you, to form a design brief. This brief then define our objective.
Using our knowledge and experience, we will advise you on any slight design changes that might be made in order to maximise the benefits from what you are proposing to do. We will then strive to exceed your expectations.
After the initial design, if required, Chen Sun Enterprises can deal with submitting the plans and house extension designs that are required for a planning application and building control application.
We will act as your agent, so there will be little more for you to do than await the result of the planning application. We ensure that the designs that support the planning application are sound in terms of construction principles, to avoid having to make fundamental modifications to the design.

What kind of renovation do you need?

Addition & Alteration

Reconstruction & Reinstatement

Design-Build Services